Forum Aid Award 2009

Am 3. Februar wurde zum achten Mal in Folge der Forum Aid Award vergeben. Hunderte von Gästen feierten in Stockholm die Gewinner, zu denen unter anderem auch Oskar Zieta mit seinem Stuhl Plopp gehört. Hier ein kurzer Auszug aus dem Text der Jury.

"Plopp may look like a piece of contemporary art, but the process that created it is good, old-fashioned industrial design. The designers have identified an interesting new manufacturing technique that involves forming sheet steel with compressed air, and applied it to an everyday item of furniture, creating a striking new form in the process. This process contrasts strongly with that adopted by too many designers these days, who start with aesthetics and worry about technique later, often with unfortunate results. By combining technical and aesthetic innovation, the jury felt Plopp was highly deserving of this award. "

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